Welcoming our new Helpdesk Analyst…Leanne Bamford

At RotaMaster, we love giving new team members a big warm welcome. We also like to find out as much about them as possible! With that in mind, we’ve asked Leanne, our lovely new Helpdesk Analyst a few questions… Read more

Only pay for hours worked with Attendance+

With increasing pressure on driving cost savings in the NHS, it’s no surprise that providers want to encourage on-time culture and ensure they aren’t paying for time not worked due to staff lateness. The NHS, like any employer, has policies to ensure staff attendance and lateness is monitored and dealt with accordingly, but how this is monitored can have a big impact.

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Why ineffective rostering is damaging to the NHS

Kevin White’s recent article highlights the need for NHS organisations to improve the way they roster their staff. Amidst increasing pressures to meet targets, many organisations are failing to manage the supply of labour. This leads to issues with delivering a quality service to patients and an rise in spend on expensive agency staff. Read more

Efficient rostering and workforce management could save the NHS £2bn

With the recent news that NHS trusts have a deficit of £822m, pressure is on for trusts to find new and innovative ways to save money. Interestingly, a recent study has highlighted there are some simple ways that NHS trusts could cut down costs…

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Getting to know you…Charlotte our Business Systems Analyst at RotaMaster

1. What is your current position and key responsibilities at RotaMaster

I am the Business Systems Analyst. As such, my key responsibilities are to liaise between the customers and the development team to make sure that our development roadmap is meeting our customers’ needs and to make sure that changes to the system are communicated clearly to customers. I have also taken responsibility for project management.

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Greenbrook reduce admin, improve accuracy and centralise HR – with Rotamaster and People+

Greenbrook Healthcare Case Study

Greenbrook Healthcare is a provider of NHS primary care services to a population of 35,000 registered patients and 400,000 Urgent Care Centre patients in the Greater London area.  Employing over 200 permanent staff as well as 300-400 bank / agency staff across 12 sites, the organisation has 7 GP Practices, and 6 Urgent Care Centres…

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In the hot seat: our new Software Tester Liam Cromack

1. What is your current position and key responsibilities at RotaMaster

My current role at RotaMaster is Software Tester. The main function is implementation testing at software and web based levels. I am responsible for a lot of the exploratory testing currently being carried out in the next release of the RotaMaster product.

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Over 50% of RotaMaster users now in the RotaMaster Cloud

RotaMaster Cloud

Following the introduction of the cloud version of RotaMaster in 2011 we have seen a steady move away from traditional on-premise installations towards the RotaMaster Cloud. Well over 50% of RotaMaster users have now made the switch and embraced the cloud. Almost every new customer opts to go directly onto the cloud and interestingly we are yet to see a customer move away from the cloud.

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App dubbed ‘Uber of healthcare’ to aid kidney dialysis patients

IQUS Limited are proud to be supporting the development of a mobile app dubbed the ‘Uber of healthcare’. The RotaMaster software development team has been strengthened to support ongoing development of a suite of apps and supporting software framework focused on improving the patient journey of kidney dialysis patients.

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The RotaMaster SMS Service

One of the many fantastic features of RotaMaster is our in-built SMS service. When considering the functionality on offer, the ease of use and the time saved, it’s no great surprise that the vast majority of our customers use our SMS service daily.

The SMS service within RotaMaster utilises your rotas and allows you to set up a schedule to send out text messages automatically to remind employees about their upcoming shifts. If you want to send out a bulk message to fill a last minute gap, you can do this within seconds!

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