Over 50% of RotaMaster users now in the RotaMaster Cloud

RotaMaster Cloud

Following the introduction of the cloud version of RotaMaster in 2011 we have seen a steady move away from traditional on-premise installations towards the RotaMaster Cloud. Well over 50% of RotaMaster users have now made the switch and embraced the cloud. Almost every new customer opts to go directly onto the cloud and interestingly we are yet to see a customer move away from the cloud.

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App dubbed ‘Uber of healthcare’ to aid kidney dialysis patients

IQUS Limited are proud to be supporting the development of a mobile app dubbed the ‘Uber of healthcare’. The RotaMaster software development team has been strengthened to support ongoing development of a suite of apps and supporting software framework focused on improving the patient journey of kidney dialysis patients.

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The RotaMaster SMS Service

One of the many fantastic features of RotaMaster is our in-built SMS service. When considering the functionality on offer, the ease of use and the time saved, it’s no great surprise that the vast majority of our customers use our SMS service daily.

The SMS service within RotaMaster utilises your rotas and allows you to set up a schedule to send out text messages automatically to remind employees about their upcoming shifts. If you want to send out a bulk message to fill a last minute gap, you can do this within seconds!

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Testing RotaMaster software

Testing, by its nature, can be defined as verifying that a software package can function according to the expectations defined by the requirements / specifications.

At RotaMaster, these expectations can come from our customers – who actively request that different functionalities are added, specialised or tailored to meet their requirements in the RotaMaster software.

Additionally – in depth testing by the team also enables RotaMaster to outline specific issues with our software – to ensure that the different products we offer are of the highest standard, enabling us to keep our market leading position.

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