Testing RotaMaster software

Testing, by its nature, can be defined as verifying that a software package can function according to the expectations defined by the requirements / specifications.

At RotaMaster, these expectations can come from our customers – who actively request that different functionalities are added, specialised or tailored to meet their requirements in the RotaMaster software.

Additionally – in depth testing by the team also enables RotaMaster to outline specific issues with our software – to ensure that the different products we offer are of the highest standard, enabling us to keep our market leading position.

Working closely with our Development Team –the Testing team are able to manage and effectively resolve all ‘bugs’ found within the system to guarantee that we provide a seamless end to end experience for our customers to easily complete their day to day rota management duties, and beyond.

We continually strive to develop the way we test by integrating new methodologies into our current testing processes.

The implementation of an Agile methodology and the use of Kanban boards has allowed our Development Team to keep a firm track on outstanding issues and has successfully increased productivity to ensure that defects are made ‘ready for test’ in a timely fashion.

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