Over 50% of RotaMaster users now in the RotaMaster Cloud

RotaMaster Cloud

Following the introduction of the cloud version of RotaMaster in 2011 we have seen a steady move away from traditional on-premise installations towards the RotaMaster Cloud. Well over 50% of RotaMaster users have now made the switch and embraced the cloud. Almost every new customer opts to go directly onto the cloud and interestingly we are yet to see a customer move away from the cloud.

Our existing customers continue to take the decision to upgrade from the traditional on-site installation due to the extensive benefits the cloud version provides.

RotaMaster Cloud vs local (on-premise) installation

The functionality of RotaMaster is the same – the only difference is how you log in. An on-site installation means RotaMaster is installed on each individual computer. Conversely, the RotaMaster cloud version means you can access RotaMaster via the internet, wherever you are.

The RotaMaster Cloud version provides a variety of benefits:

  • Software updates are quicker, easier and remotely managed by the RotaMaster team
  • Eliminates the need for Citrix, cutting overhead costs
  • There is no need for on-site maintenance, again cutting overhead costs
  • There is no need to install RotaMaster on every computer – you can access RotaMaster wherever you have an internet connection
  • No hardware restrictions or local performance issues
  • Disaster recovery benefits – this is all fully managed for you

With all this in mind, it’s little wonder that the RotaMaster Cloud is becoming such a popular choice. If you would like more information, please contact your RotaMaster account manager on 01924 252 360. We’d be delighted to discuss this in more detail.

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