Welcoming our new Helpdesk Analyst…Leanne Bamford

At RotaMaster, we love giving new team members a big warm welcome. We also like to find out as much about them as possible! With that in mind, we’ve asked Leanne, our lovely new Helpdesk Analyst a few questions…

1) What is your current position and key responsibilities at RotaMaster?

My current role at RotaMaster is a Helpdesk Analyst; my key responsibilities are answering the telephone, dealing with customer queries and supporting the application.

2) What appealed to you about working for RotaMaster?

RotaMaster appealed to me as it is a small business who are really keen to expand and grow. After hearing it was such a great place to work I couldn’t wait to join the team. Plus my sister works here so I was excited to work with her!

3) What did you do before joining the RotaMaster team?

I have worked in several roles before joining the team. I have worked in customer service and sales for around 6 years and before that I was a community care worker for around 4 years.

4) What’s have you enjoyed about working for RotaMaster so far?

I have really enjoyed learning something new, meeting new people and being welcomed into the team.

5) What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending quality time with my Fiancé and my 3 year old son; we enjoy days out and visiting family. We also enjoy going on holiday and having weekends away.

6) List 3 of your life goals.

Buy my own house, get married and travel around Italy.

7) What’s your favourite drink?

Strawberry and Lime Kopperberg! 

8) Describe your ultimate day if money was no object.

Go to Disney land, visit New York and go on a BIG shopping spree, buy a Ferrari and go for dinner with David Beckham.

9) What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

The Disney Channel.

10) What do you hope to contribute to RotaMaster?

I hope to contribute my customer service skills and experience to help the company to grow, and ensure the customers are getting the best service possible.

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