Every cloud…

At RotaMaster we understand that our clients’ data is often sensitive, always vital to their service, and in most cases there’s a lot of it! This also means we understand the importance of protecting and having this data readily available in any circumstance.

Previously, our customers only had the option to self-host the system, meaning they were vulnerable to local performance issues and restricted by policies and procedures of other systems being used. We found they were looking for alternative solutions. Which lead us to introduce RotaMasters own cloud for this data.

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Common issues when creating a Rota and how Rotamaster can save you time!

Organisations can spend hours creating excel or paper based rotas, trying to create a rota that fits in with all their staff’s different working arrangements and also gives employees a fair proportion of shifts. Just when you think you have finally completed the task, there is ALWAYS one member of staff who wants to do a last minute shift swap or book some annual leave. A manager is left with the headache of changes to the rota and numerous emails with corrections. And let’s not mention the issues when somebody rings in sick!

At RotaMaster we understand that creating your staff rota can be hugely time consuming, so we are constantly developing our system to save you time and effort.

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Technology – does it save time or drain productivity?

According to a recent study, many workers now feel they are spending longer at work than ever before. But it was also found that only 10% of those people thought that they are now more productive.

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Why staff training is important and how software can help

At heart of every healthcare provider is a HR team whose job involves keeping on top of the huge array of different training required by staff. Finding time to organise training for employees, whilst continuing to deliver patient services seems impossible. This is where HR and rota management software can help!

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Time and Attendance – Time is money!

When employee lateness is not monitored and managed, it can cost an organisation thousands of pounds per year in lost productivity.

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Leeds Community Healthcare selects RotaMaster as e-rostering provider

RotaMaster has been chosen as the successful supplier following a Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCH) procurement exercise for e-Rostering software for their wide range of community services. RotaMaster and LCH will work in partnership to deploy the software and realise the full benefits of e-rostering.

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Groundbreaking service chooses RotaMaster


It’s January.

It’s cold, wet, and windy and all kinds of germs are on the hunt.

You’ve been over doing it at the gym, you’ve run yourself down and wound up as one of the troops in the influenza zombie army.

You have two options. Martyrdom; work is busy and you can continue and hope to recover naturally, OR you can book an appointment with your local GP. The likelihood of your work schedule and your GP’s availability marrying up are somewhat slim. Taking time out isn’t an option, so …you battle on.

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Only pay for hours worked with Attendance+

With increasing pressure on driving cost savings in the NHS, it’s no surprise that providers want to encourage on-time culture and ensure they aren’t paying for time not worked due to staff lateness. The NHS, like any employer, has policies to ensure staff attendance and lateness is monitored and dealt with accordingly, but how this is monitored can have a big impact.

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Why ineffective rostering is damaging to the NHS

Kevin White’s recent article highlights the need for NHS organisations to improve the way they roster their staff. Amidst increasing pressures to meet targets, many organisations are failing to manage the supply of labour. This leads to issues with delivering a quality service to patients and an rise in spend on expensive agency staff. Read more

Efficient rostering and workforce management could save the NHS £2bn

With the recent news that NHS trusts have a deficit of £822m, pressure is on for trusts to find new and innovative ways to save money. Interestingly, a recent study has highlighted there are some simple ways that NHS trusts could cut down costs…

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