GP extended access services choose RotaMaster

RotaMaster is working with a number of GP Federations, Community Interest Companies and Non-profit organisations who are providing NHS GP extended access services. They use RotaMaster to manage their staff rosters, helping them save time and resource, as well as providing a fair and efficient roster.

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Leeds Community Healthcare selects RotaMaster as e-rostering provider

RotaMaster has been chosen as the successful supplier following a Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCH) procurement exercise for e-Rostering software for their wide range of community services. RotaMaster and LCH will work in partnership to deploy the software and realise the full benefits of e-rostering.

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Groundbreaking service chooses RotaMaster


It’s January.

It’s cold, wet, and windy and all kinds of germs are on the hunt.

You’ve been over doing it at the gym, you’ve run yourself down and wound up as one of the troops in the influenza zombie army.

You have two options. Martyrdom; work is busy and you can continue and hope to recover naturally, OR you can book an appointment with your local GP. The likelihood of your work schedule and your GP’s availability marrying up are somewhat slim. Taking time out isn’t an option, so …you battle on.

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Why ineffective rostering is damaging to the NHS

Kevin White’s recent article highlights the need for NHS organisations to improve the way they roster their staff. Amidst increasing pressures to meet targets, many organisations are failing to manage the supply of labour. This leads to issues with delivering a quality service to patients and an rise in spend on expensive agency staff. Read more

Efficient rostering and workforce management could save the NHS £2bn

With the recent news that NHS trusts have a deficit of £822m, pressure is on for trusts to find new and innovative ways to save money. Interestingly, a recent study has highlighted there are some simple ways that NHS trusts could cut down costs…

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Over 50% of RotaMaster users now in the RotaMaster Cloud

RotaMaster Cloud

Following the introduction of the cloud version of RotaMaster in 2011 we have seen a steady move away from traditional on-premise installations towards the RotaMaster Cloud. Well over 50% of RotaMaster users have now made the switch and embraced the cloud. Almost every new customer opts to go directly onto the cloud and interestingly we are yet to see a customer move away from the cloud.

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App dubbed ‘Uber of healthcare’ to aid kidney dialysis patients

IQUS Limited are proud to be supporting the development of a mobile app dubbed the ‘Uber of healthcare’. The RotaMaster software development team has been strengthened to support ongoing development of a suite of apps and supporting software framework focused on improving the patient journey of kidney dialysis patients.

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RotaMaster is now available in the Cloud

IQUS Limited, authors of RotaMaster, the UK’s market leading rostering software for unscheduled care providers, announced today that its flagship product Rota Master is now available as a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service offering on its own remote hosting platform. This is in response to growing sector demand for hosted solutions that reduce the need for maintaining and supporting local hardware resources. Another key driver is the requirement to have robust disaster recovery and off-site backup arrangements in place to satisfy the requirements of good corporate governance as well as regulatory frameworks such as CQC and IGSoC.

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New Time and Attendance Module for RotaMaster

IQUS Limited, authors of RotaMaster, the UK’s market leading rostering software for unscheduled care providers, announced today development plans for a comprehensive new range of ‘value-add’ modules for RotaMaster users.

The Time and Attendance Module is officially launched today and is the first of several new modules in the company’s development roadmap.

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