Efficient rostering and workforce management could save the NHS £2bn

With the recent news that NHS trusts have a deficit of £822m, pressure is on for trusts to find new and innovative ways to save money. Interestingly, a recent study has highlighted there are some simple ways that NHS trusts could cut down costs…

The review involved 22 hospitals over a one year period, and found that substantial cost savings could be found across medicines, facilities and effective workforce management. It was found that trusts need to ensure the best use of staff time through flexible working and better more efficient rostering. The report highlighted that £2bn of savings could be made by improving rosters and ensuring that non-productive time (annual leave, sickness and training) is managed more effectively.

One hospital was losing £10,000 per month because staff were claiming too much leave. They now plan to have stricter policies on leave, sickness, flexible working, underutilisation of hours worked and rostering practices with the aim to deliver £750,000 of savings this year.

Using software such as RotaMaster can help services get the most out of their workforce. You can monitor how closely staff are meeting their contracted hours, as well as monitoring overtime and annual leave. Annual leave is shown as a real time countdown, in days or hours, ensuring staff are not given more than they are entitled to. RotaMaster also caters for the complexities in staff contracts such as flexible hours and working time directive rules. The system’s in built reports makes it easy for you to monitor your workforce in just a few clicks.

RotaMaster’s value-add module People+ allows you to capture training information for staff. This will allow you to monitor training that has occurred and allow you to report on how many days training has been given to each member of staff for example.

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