App dubbed ‘Uber of healthcare’ to aid kidney dialysis patients

IQUS Limited are proud to be supporting the development of a mobile app dubbed the ‘Uber of healthcare’. The RotaMaster software development team has been strengthened to support ongoing development of a suite of apps and supporting software framework focused on improving the patient journey of kidney dialysis patients.

Following extensive patient involvement and feedback in the initial design phase the project received a significant grant from the Department of Health’s Small Business Research Initiative. The RotaMaster team are supporting associated business 365 Response in building software dubbed the healthcare equivalent of taxi app Uber.

The HealthCab app will give seriously ill renal patients, who are in need of regular appointments for kidney dialysis treatment, the ability to book NHS-funded transport to and from hospital through their smartphone, check the credentials of their taxi, ambulance or volunteer driver and track the vehicle’s movements by GPS.

The development is attracting significant interest nationally and has started receiving significant coverage in the press;