Only pay for hours worked with Attendance+

With increasing pressure on driving cost savings in the NHS, it’s no surprise that providers want to encourage on-time culture and ensure they aren’t paying for time not worked due to staff lateness. The NHS, like any employer, has policies to ensure staff attendance and lateness is monitored and dealt with accordingly, but how this is monitored can have a big impact.

Many services use manual processes to monitor attendance such as sign in sheets and line managers to check staff arrival times, however a manual process presents a number of problems. We’ve heard from customers that management are often busy or away from the team which means they miss the actual time staff enter. Sign in sheets and time-sheets are subject to abuse and staff ‘covering’ for each other. Having an electronic sign in process allows customers to overcome these issues by capturing proof of presence at point of entry.

RotaMaster’s add-on module Attendance+ uses fob or fingerprint devices to record staff attendance at your premises. The lateness rules are configured by you and you can choose whether to adjust shift values if staff are late. When you consider the amount of time lost for lateness and the value equivalent, services have recognised the cost savings that can be achieved through the use of the software. A service with 500 staff working on average 15 shifts a month, could lose 250 hours of working time per month if staff miss two minutes from each shift due to lateness. Having a system in place to monitor this ensures that you are not paying for time not worked.

One customer estimated that Attendance+ would deliver an annual saving of £17,000:

The functionality is fully integrated with RotaMaster allowing you to see attendance in real time, as well as report on attendance information across your service.

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