Your biggest rota management challenges

IQUS has approximately 75% market share of the rota management software market for unscheduled care providers in the UK and Ireland. We also have a growing base of GP Federations starting to use RotaMaster.

Recently at IQUS, we decided to survey our users (Summer 2014) to uncover the real challenges our rota managers had faced on a daily basis before they implemented RotaMaster. The results are incredibly interesting and provide a useful read for any organisation considering automating their rota management.

  • 74% of our rota managers said using a manual system had caused errors and difficulties updating. A further 26% went as far as saying lack of automation had been a MAJOR problem for them.

Manual rota management can only take an organisation so far. There comes a point when the organisation’s staff rostering needs are either too big or too complex to run effectively via a manual system. RotaMaster is designed to save organisations time and money. Tasks that would take days, even weeks to complete, on a traditional manual system – happen automatically with RotaMaster for example building rotas, collecting availability information, compiling a full audit trail of changes, compiling reports, exporting financial data etc.

Even the smallest organisations can waste significant amounts of valuable time on a monthly basis on tasks like these and for the larger organisations automating these tasks will completely transform the way they manage and communicate their rotas.

  • 58% said their inability to share rotas with staff easily was a MAJOR issue.

Robust technology for sharing rotas effectively has been around for many years but it is not always available in a usable and accessible format. RotaMaster makes sharing rotas easy.

RotaMaster is available as a traditional on-premise installation or as a hosted service on the IQUS Cloud. With the cloud option all you need is a web browser and an internet connection and you can connect securely from any location in the world and enjoy the functionality of RotaMaster.

However, even if you do not have the cloud option, there is a secure, password protected web portal that you can make available to staff so that all involved can see the rota information they need, when they need to see it. RotaMaster provides online confirmation of shifts, online requests/submissions and online availability communication – whether you go for the on-premise infrastructure or a hosted infrastructure.

  • 40% told us they experienced too much duplication of effort and double entry and a further 23% said they were lacking integration of rotas with other core systems.

Duplication of effort happens in most organisations across many different areas and is a real bug bear and waste of resources.  A problem the NHS in particular is very keen to reduce as quickly as possible. However, when it comes to rota management you do not have to continue to live with double data entry. RotaMaster has a comprehensive HR database which can be populated by imports from an external file or other systems. Also RotaMaster will download a completed rota to Adastra (leading patient management system) for instance– this alone can save many hours of manual data entry. You can also export financial information from RotaMaster to financial systems e.g. Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll etc.

There are a number of value-add modules available for RotaMaster users. Finance+ is a RotaMaster module that provides the tools you need to run pay calculations and then export that data in a relevant format for your payroll system for employed staff and to your finance / banking systems so you can pay your self-employed contractors.

People+ is an integrated repository for all your HR data with a sophisticated alert and notifications functionality.

  • A further 21% found it difficult to calculate payments in the past.

RotaMaster offers pay per shift or you can create any number of pay matrices based upon role, team, day and zone. RotaMaster also supports pay for leave and other adjustments.

  • 35% of our rota managers said they’d had difficulty collecting and accessing workforce availability pre-RotaMaster and a further 35% admitted they found it difficult to achieve fairness in duty allocation in the past.

Someone once said to me that fair and flexible allocation is in RotaMaster’s DNA and I couldn’t have put it better myself. The software automatically allocates the rota to individuals, teams and handles repeat patterns and unlimited adjustments.  It supports self-rostering and offers unlimited rules.

  • 19% were struggling pre RotaMaster to manage a complex skill mix.

The Rules Manager in RotaMaster allows you to set up any number of rules for individuals including spacing between different types of shifts and partnering rules. These rules ensure that the allocation system knows what not to do and how to handle exceptions.

The software is ideal for managing large, county-wide or distributed organisations across that are an aggregation of several smaller units. You can run multiple organisations (all using different processes/rules) from a single installation.

  • 10% stated they had found it hard to keep control of working time and were experiencing challenges enforcing lateness policies.

Another value-add module available within the RotaMaster suite is Attendance+. This is a time and attendance module provides proof of presence monitoring. It offers the latest in biometric technology as well as a key fob option. The data collected when staff clock in and out for shifts, using either their fingerprint or a fob, is processed directly to RotaMaster in line with your organisation’s pre-configured time and attendance policy rules, ensuring you never inadvertently pay people for hours not worked.

RotaMaster solves all of these challenges virtually overnight.

If you would like to arrange a RotaMaster demonstration or request a quotation please call 01924 252360 or enquire via our contact form.

The RotaMaster suite of software includes RotaMaster (for your rotas – right person, right place, right time) and the following value-add modules:   people+ (for your human resources), attendance+ (for your proof of presence), finance+ (for exporting pay calculations) and integrations+ (for your connections).