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The Core Module

Market leading e-Rota creation & management software

RotaMaster is a comprehensive and highly configurable rota creation and management system with patient safety at its heart. It enables health and care providers to manage their shifts with complete accuracy, organisation-wide, delivering the right person with the right skill mix every time. This software automates roster production preventing duplication of effort, saving both time and money and providing a central roster view across the organisation.

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The Powerful Value-Add Modules

The HR Module

A feature-rich repository for holding all your essential HR data, fully integrated with RotaMaster.

People+ gives organisations, that already use RotaMaster for managing their rotas, the opportunity to hold all of their important personnel information in one central place. At the heart of RotaMaster is a central database. Over the years the RotaMaster team have worked very closely with RotaMaster users to grow, evolve and enhance the system, incorporating additional fields for storing key HR data as well as many efficiency enhancing, time-saving features to help them manage human resources. As a result, People+ is now a substantial value-add module within the RotaMaster suite.

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The time & attendance module

Time and attendance monitoring technology for RotaMaster users.

The attendance+ clock-in / clock-out device captures proof of presence data, connects to the internet wirelessly using GPRS technology and transmits it across to RotaMaster using web services. Driven by your pre-configures attendance and lateness policy rules. RotaMaster uses the data to calculate pay based on actual hours worked rather than scheduled time. Your organisation need never inadvertently pay for hours not worked again.

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The finance module

Runs pay calculations for your payroll and finance systems.

Finance+ is designed to save time, reduce errors and eliminate manual entry by identifying the specific pay data recorded within your RotaMaster system and using it to calculate pay transactions. It is an export utility designed to pull the relevant pay data from your RotaMaster system and turn it into an ‘import-ready’ file for your 3rd-party financial systems so you can pay both your employed and self-employed workers.

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The Leave Planning Module

Enables RotaMaster users to match their staff deployment to predicted demand profiles.

Currently in the development roadmap for 2016. This module will allow you to manage the capacity within your workforce enabling you to plan and utilise your ‘people’ resources more efficiently. It will help you achieve your KPIs (key performance indicators) for matching resource to demand and will gather workforce demand data from a variety of sources e.g. your telephony system and your rota management records and convert them into detailed workforce requirements.

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The Integrations Module

A module for all your RotaMaster integrations.

All of the software modules from the RotaMaster suite are, of course, fully integrated with each other. However, there are times when it is essential for RotaMaster to integrate with other software applications and tools. In order to make your RotaMaster installation completely fit-for-purpose for your organisation, integrate+ aims to offer an integration service that will cover almost any 3rd-party software system.

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