RotaMaster allows care home and hospice managers to be free to perform other tasks by automating the production of staff shift rosters fairly and accurately with complete assurance that appropriately trained staff will be available on every shift to care of residents across all sites.  

The software is based upon sophisticated algorithms that ensure maximum shift fill rates from your existing workforce, reducing unnecessary use of agency staff. The software is configured to ensure minimum staffing levels are always met, increasing your levels of compliance with minimal effort.

There are a number of value-add RotaMaster modules available for care homes and hospices. The RotaMaster Time & Attendance module, Attendance ,  is popular, providing clock on functionality via a fob or thumbprint ensuring care homes and hospices have accurate, evidence-based control of hours worked, so that they do not ever pay for time that is not actually owing.

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With inbuilt SMS and email, RotaMaster is popular with staff and management alike providing access to rotas online 24/7, 365 days a year, comprehensive multi-site staffing reports and allows care groups to apply different staffing rules across sites. Highly scalable, RotaMaster is the e-Rostering system of choice for a number of care groups, care homes and hospices across the country from individual sites with just 20 staff to larger multi-site care groups with hundreds of employees. A wide variety of homes are choosing  RotaMaster, including those who provide support for residents with mental health, learning difficulties and disabilities. Make sure your group, care home or hospice doesn’t get left behind, contact us today on 01924 252360 or online here. Deliver the right people, with the right skill mix, for every shift with RotaMaster.