Organisations of all size benefit from RotaMaster, including the likes of Care UK, IC24 and LCWUCC.

RotaMaster's scaleable nature means that small, localised services with less than 50 staff, right up to large, national providers with as many as 4,500 staff can all benefit from the system.

RotaMaster automates roster production for unscheduled care providers, replacing cumbersome manual systems and saving significant time and cost. GPs and other staff groups can log in at any time of the day or night to view and book shifts and log availability for upcoming periods. The system's auto-allocation can be configured with the service’s specific rules and runs based on a sophisticated algorithm that frees up many hours of valuable planning time. 

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Unscheduled/Urgent Care

The software is extremely flexible and manual adjustments can be made to the rota at any time if required. The software enables services to manage their complex rostering needs with complete accuracy, delivering the right person, with the right skill mix, every time across all of their contracts.

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