5 Ways to Look After Your Staff’s Wellbeing

A healthy and happy workplace makes for a productive and effective team.

But with everything that managing the office entails, looking out for the wellbeing of your staff sometimes falls off the list.

In 2016 there were 137.3 million working days lost due to sickness or injury in the UK. The most common reason for sickness was minor illnesses such as coughs and colds at 34 million days, followed by musculoskeletal problems at 30.8 million days. ‘Other’ conditions, mental health issues including anxiety, stress and depression resulted in 15.8 million days lost.

In fact, the UK was recently ranked in the bottom five in the world for mental wellbeing by Cigna, with more than a quarter suffering from stress claiming work as the reason.

A happy and healthy workforce is more likely to stick around too. This goes to show that it pays to look out for the health of your employees and encourage good habits.

Here are five simple ways you can invest in your staff’s health and wellbeing.

Holiday Time

Well rested employees are less likely to burnout. Communicate with your team about how important it is to take their holiday and unwind.

Encourage them to evenly spread their holidays throughout the year rather than save them all up for one month. This will give them regular opportunity to rest and decompress from their working lives.

Rota software makes it easy for staff members to keep track of their holiday time and request leave and ensure they stay refreshed throughout the year.

Address the Commute

The daily commute is a part of working life. But with fewer services on trains and buses, and more cars on the road, rush hour is becoming more chaotic.

Cancellations, cramped and uncomfortable conditions on public transport or long delays on the roads have a detrimental impact on your worker’s wellbeing and mental health. A report in 2016 found that longer non-active commute times are associated with increased stress and higher blood pressure, which is why it’s time to address ways to start the day in a better way.

If a team member endures a bad commute each day, speak to them about a flexible start time. Arriving an hour earlier and leaving an hour later has the potential to make a dramatic impact on the length of time of their commute takes. Cutting it down could provide a boost to their overall happiness at work.

Have a Break Area

We’re all guilty of eating a sandwich at our desk every now and then while responding to emails. But break times are a vital part of the day and spending some time away from your desk can make you feel happier, focused and more productive.

If possible, create a work-free zone where staff can de-stress while they’re off the clock. This will help them step away from work-related issues and not be disturbed by their fellow colleagues.

Offer Healthy Snacks

In times of stress or simply because of routine, we tend to raid the biscuit tin. But combining a quick sugar fix and desk work may lead to weight gain and tiredness and other health issues.

While there’s no need for a total ban on yummy treats, stock up on healthy alternative too. Offer protein bars, fruits, nuts, yoghurts or dried cereal.

Talk about Mental Health

Mental health is still considered a taboo subject by some, but it is just as important as your physical health.

If a staff member feels overwhelmed they may not want to speak up about it, for fear of it coming across as a weakness. Ensure that your workforce knows who they can talk to if they are struggling and wish to seek help. Keep the dialogue open and provide key details for procedures surrounding mental health.

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