Big benefits of Employee time tracking for Business

When you run a business you rely on your staff to get to work on time.

We all occasionally get caught in traffic or sleep through the wake-up alarm. However, when occasional lateness turns into a frequent problem, it may financially impact your organisation.

Around 590,000 employees are late per year and a survey suggests this costs the economy a staggering £9 billion every year. More and more organisations are seeking out ways to nip tardiness in the bud through better management of monitoring and attendance procedures.

With staff meetings to attend, multiple tasks to do and services to run, keeping track of staff attendance is quickly relegated to the bottom of the never-ending list.

Here are a few ways time and attendance system can benefit your business – and save you money.

Reasons to use a time and attendance system:

It’s imperative to any organisation to get a high level of productivity from staff, to give patients the best care possible- without delay and also keep finances in order. Rotamaster’s Attendance+ module allows your staff to clock in and out of their shifts with ease and with no requirement of management intervention.

Pay for hours worked: A time and attendance device means that you only pay for the hours worked and help promote an on-time work culture.

Saves you time: It can take a supervisor between 1 and 7 minutes to check a timesheet. With 100 members of staff, all filling in one time sheet every month makes 1.6-11.6 hours of extra work. A time and attendance system can free up this time, meaning you can get back to running your organisation rather than checking timesheets.

Abuse proof: Our secure biometric device allows staff to use their fingerprints to log in and out of shifts. Any poor attendance is picked up and there’s no need to worry about staff signing each other in to avoid the consequences of poor attendance.

Clear reporting: Attendance+ gives you easy access to different reports on staff attendance. Filter these to look at individual services, team or staff members. This allows you to easily track attendance and timekeeping for individual appraisals.

Boost staff accountability: When an employee is consistently late, it can impact the rest of the team. By using a fair and clear attendance system, staff will be accountable for their movements therefore becoming more productive. Applying the rules across the workforce gives management visibility of who hasn’t been working their selected hours, lifting morale for those that do- creating a culture of fairness and alleviating any perception of favouritism.

Hands-off approach: Less time is spent on the cumbersome task of manually checking timesheets, with the system improving the flow of data and showing how much time employees have worked. As for worrying about coming across as ‘Big Brother’, Rotamaster’s module removes the need to be hands-on with the system identifying for you when intervention is required.

To talk to our team about how our Attendance+ module can benefit your organisation and to arrange a free demonstration, drop us an email on or call 01924 252360.