Christmas Time, Mistletoe and large gaps in the rota.... doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it?

Winding down for Christmas? I’m not sure about that, but as the countdown to Christmas ticks down, I thought I’d take a moment to sit back and reflect on the business and the sectors we operate in.

There has been a lot going on at RotaMaster HQ in the last few months against a backdrop of difficult and changing times in our key sectors of health and care: Staff shortages; staff retention issues; leadership challenges; changing working practices; a new focus on collaborative working with the introduction of primary care networks (PCNs).

We have meanwhile been focused on listening to our customers, which has made us more determined to enhance the product range we provide. We’re on a mission to ease the pressure on managing staff, which can be particularly challenging at this time of year.

It is exciting to talk about our most recent developments, which we believe will bring substantial benefit to federations and PCNs in the year ahead.

In October we launched our first app, which compliments the products we already provide. It allows for even more flexibility when viewing or booking shifts or logging availability. The feedback we have been getting from our customers is really positive in terms of ease of use and with 25% of our customer base signing up in the first 2 weeks, we’re sure that it will continue to fly in 2020.

Our most recent launch is our new module Bank+. The principle behind this is to reduce the admin burden of finding replacement staff when life crops up, which we know is one of the top concerns in the practices we work with. Bank + allows practice staff to request resource from a central bank that may be run across the PCN or federation.

The benefits of Bank+ are huge and could be a game changer for those organisations who work independently and are reliant on agencies and locums to cover gaps.

  • You will have access to staff that are known to your network, familiar to patients and reliable
  • This resource is often cheaper than agency resource
  • It is low cost to run and will reduce admin cost
  • Less calls and emails to agencies meaning less panic for practice managers
  • It helps create the idea of one unified workforce by sharing staff across a wide area

It was designed specifically for one of our federations who have been asked to work as a bank supplier to 136 practices in Cambridge. This would have required a massive rollout of rotas in all practices without the new development. Now, Bank+ allows them to get the skilled staff, at the time that they need in an efficient way.

As we approach the festive period we are well aware of the challenges facing GPs and other healthcare providers. This is why we will continue to evolve and add value to our customers’ systems and processes.

So whether you are able to wind down and take some time off or not, we look forward to supporting the healthcare sector in 2020 to play at least a small part in improving the standard of care they provide.

Merry Christmas from the team at RotaMaster!