Common issues when creating a Rota and how Rotamaster can save you time!

Organisations can spend hours creating excel or paper based rotas, trying to create a rota that fits in with all their staff’s different working arrangements and also gives employees a fair proportion of shifts. Just when you think you have finally completed the task, there is ALWAYS one member of staff who wants to do a last minute shift swap or book some annual leave. A manager is left with the headache of changes to the rota and numerous emails with corrections. And let’s not mention the issues when somebody rings in sick!

At RotaMaster we understand that creating your staff rota can be hugely time consuming, so we are constantly developing our system to save you time and effort.

Contacting your staff

One of the main issues with a paper/excel rota is that it means staff have to call or visit the workplace to find out their up to date rota. It can be quite difficult (and let’s not forget annoying) for your employee’s to keep a track of the multiple emails/texts sent with different variations of their rotas on. This can lead to issues such as staff not turning up for shifts or being told the wrong information.

Our online portal for RotaMaster means that your staff can log in from anywhere with an internet connection at any time and see any published rota’s, saving them and you precious time. Our in-built email and SMS means you can easily contact groups of staff to notify them when a new rota is available. Managers can also check log in reports to find out if staff have logged in to look at their rota, meaning you can no longer accept the excuse that they couldn’t get check.


We have all heard that one staff member say they’re unhappy with the shifts they have been given, or they want to book annual leave just as you’ve perfected the rota. This can lead a lot of time wasted rearranging shifts.

With RotaMaster your employee’s can deposit and swap shifts on their online portal or they can send a leave request to you. This means that you can log in as and when it is convenient for you and approve/decline changes. When it comes to fairness, the auto-roster tool The Allocation Wizard will automatically try to spread out the different shift types for your staff members, giving them all a fair spread of shifts so it’s not the same person always working the weekends for example. Furthermore, the in-built reports allow you to track and monitor the different types of shifts worked so you have evidence to show how many have actually been worked.

Empty shifts

Last minute empty shifts are quite often an issue for any organisation working from a rota. It can often mean hours spent on the phone trying to convince members of staff to come in and help.

RotaMaster takes every member of staffs general availability and their preference on being contacted at short notice. This means that you can quickly and easily send a bulk text/email to any staff member that is generally available at the time of the upcoming shift. Booking overtime is also made simple as your employee’s can log onto the online portal to see any unfilled shifts available for booking and book these directly.

If your organisation is struggling with manual rotas and want to discuss how RotaMaster can help, please contact the team at or 01924 252 360.