Every cloud…

At RotaMaster we understand that our clients’ data is sensitive, vital to their service, and there's a lot of it!  We also understand the importance of protecting data, and having it readily available in any circumstance.

Prior to the inception of the RotaMaster Cloud, our customers only had the option to self-host the system, meaning they were vulnerable to local performance issues and restricted by policies and procedures of other systems being used. We found they were looking for alternative solutions, which lead us to introduce RotaMasters own cloud for this data.

Currently over 75% of our customers use RotaMasters cloud hosted system, and interestingly all of our new customers to RotaMaster since 2011 have opted for us to take on responsibility for their data.

Here are some of the silver linings that come with using our Cloud:

  1. Flexibility and Freedom – We know that your job doesn’t always finish when you leave the office and we also know that sometimes it’s nice to have the option to do your rotas from home, in your pyjamas with a cup of tea. The system can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection allowing you to access your rotas urgently out of office hours or at home while you put the kettle on.
  2. Low Maintenance – Like any relationship, it can be tough when one party is demanding of your time and exhausting your attention span. If you are cloud hosted with us, system maintenance, upgrades and big fixes are easy as pie, meaning you can focus on getting the most out of the system and it tools. Go on, put your feet up, we don’t want to be the nagging other half.
  3. Disaster Recovery – Don’t send out the bat signals just yet. RotaMaster’s support team are contactable 24/7, which means in the case of an emergency getting you back on your feet is our job. The super hero capes are an optional extra.
  4. No Installation – All you need to access RotaMaster on our cloud hosted system is the internet. This eliminates the need for Citrix servers and with that the overhead costs of keeping them maintained. Give your finance department some good news

If you would like to find out more about our cloud, contact the commercial team on 01924 252 360.