GreenThe client: Greenbrook Healthcare

Greenbrook Healthcare is a provider of NHS primary care services to a population of 35,000 registered patients and 400,000 Urgent Care Centre patients in the Greater London area.  Employing over 200 permanent staff as well as 300-400 bank / agency staff across 12 sites, the organisation has 7 GP Practices, and 6 Urgent Care Centres.

The supplier: RotaMaster

Yorkshire based IQUS Limited, founded by practising GP Dr Chris Jones in 1999, is a well established software house providing workforce management solutions to healthcare organisations in the UK and Ireland. Their rota management software, RotaMaster, has earned them market leader status with unscheduled healthcare providers and increasingly GP federations .

The brief

Prior to implementing RotaMaster, Greenbrook was running a cumbersome manual rota management system that relied heavily on spreadsheets and finance admin staff.

Rishi Patel, Head of Operations & Business Development at Greenbrook told us, “We utilise our workforce across all Greenbrook operations so we needed a robust rota management system that would allow us to create rotas and manage our workforce efficiently across 12 sites.  Initially we wanted reliable software to manage the rotas for 6 urgent care centres, because it is all shift-based work and we rely on a complex mix of Greenbrook employees as well as independent contractor clinicians.”

Greenbrook wanted to be able to share and advertise their shifts easily and efficiently as they had been relying on email distribution lists which were difficult to keep up to date.  They were also looking to automate as much of the administrative burden generated by manual rota management as they could as this was a very time-consuming activity and prone to human error.

Greenbrook was also looking for a central repository for storing and managing its important HR data i.e sickness and absences. They wanted a central place system where they could efficiently record accurate information about mandatory training for all their people.

The solution

Rishi Patel explained, “We knew RotaMaster was a market leader for rota management software and that it had a good reputation in the healthcare space because we had made a few calls and received lots of recommendations.  Also some of our doctors also work for other healthcare providers and the message from them was loud and clear – you need RotaMaster!”

“When we met with RotaMaster we learned about the suite of value-add modules that were on offer with RotaMaster and we decided to implement their HR Module, People+ too.”

RotaMaster is a comprehensive rota creation solution that helps healthcare organisations manage their shifts with complete accuracy, organisation-wide, delivering the right person, with the right skill mix at the right time.

People+ is a feature-rich repository for holding all essential HR data and it is fully integrated with RotaMaster.

The RotaMaster suite is a series of modules driven from one central database.  At the moment there are 5 modules including RotaMaster and People+ and a further three in development.  For more information about the RotaMaster Suite please visit the RotaMaster website

Greenbrook's top five

We asked Greenbrook to list the top five benefits the organisation has experienced since implementing RotaMaster.  Rishi Patel said, “RotaMaster is an excellent and well established rota management tool.  It is very adaptable to your needs and saves a significant amount of time in back office functions.  There are many benefits coming to light every day as we grow with the system.”

A Reduction in Admin Time & Improved Information Sharing

Rishi said, “Number 1 would have to be the reduction we have seen in the amount of admin time needed to create and manage our rotas.  We use the RotaMaster online portal.  This allows us to create a rota, publish it via the portal which means all the relevant people who could potentially do the shift receive an email about it.  They can then volunteer online, to do the shift and we make a decision and allocate the shift.  This is so much better than what we had previously.  It was very time-consuming trying to keep email distribution lists up to date and allocate shifts.  It is now a lot easier and much quicker to manage.”

Improved Accuracy & Less Finance Resource

Rishi Patel continued, “Now we have RotaMaster in place we are far less reliant on the finance back office team for invoice processing and checking etc every month.  The software manages the whole Greenbrook rota system automatically ensuring all our shift values are accurate.  Our GPs verify online the shifts they have worked and they confirm that the amount of pay per shift is what they expected to see.”

“RotaMaster produces an end of month report for our finance team and they pay against that report.  They no longer have hundreds of GP invoices to process every month.  This also gives us a complete picture of our shifts and what we are paying.  In the past we had gaps against our shifts in our records for the self employed GPs.  Now it’s all there.  We have a complete picture and it is 100% accurate.”

“As a conservative estimate I would say RotaMaster is saving at least 30 hour per month in finance admin man hours alone.”

One Master Rota For All Sites

Rishi Patel said, “The Greenbrook management team now has one master view of the entire rota situation for all sites.  For instance 3 people could call in sick over a weekend.  Before this would have been a tricky scenario for us.  With RotaMaster in place we can manage this kind of thing far more easily because we are seeing a complete view and it is much easier and quicker for us to work out who we need to speak to, to arrange cover etc.”

One Central Place For HR Data

Over the years IQUS has worked closely with RotaMaster users to enhance the software.  This has led to requests for additional fields and places in the system for logging important HR data.  Since it was first launched in 1999 the RotaMaster database has evolved and IQUS has developed a feature-rich module for HR, People+, which is now on offer to RotaMaster users as part of the overall suite of software.

Rishi Patel said, “With a workforce as diverse as ours it is not always easy keeping track of every individual in terms of important HR data such as sickness and absence and training records.  This can cause issues when allocating shifts.  We have to be sure the people we are employing have completed the mandatory training necessary to deliver their role safely without exception.  When creating a rota, lack of central information on matters such as these can slow rota management down significantly.  We are working closely with the team at IQUS to fine-tune our requirements for the People+ module so that we can manage all of this from the RotaMaster’s central database. ”

Greenbrook Is Ahead of the Game

Rishi Patel added, “Prior to RotaMaster looking ahead to book GPs was difficult.  It would have been the responsibility of one person poring over a spreadsheet trying to make sense of the raft of information from different managers, all of whom capture their details in different ways.  We were playing catch up, only able to work on our rotas one month in advance.  With RotaMaster we are now ahead of the game.  We are able to book our GPs months ahead of when we need them and the uniformity in the way data is recorded via RotaMaster across all sites makes life a whole lot easier.”

The future

Greenbrook is currently rolling RotaMaster out over its entire operation bit by bit as well as People+.  They are also working with IQUS on all the intricacies of rota management for their GP practices which are different but equally complex to the urgent care centres and building them into their RotaMaster implementation.

In the near future the organisation would like to manage all their nurse rotas on RotaMaster too and they will be starting a project to integrate the software further with their existing finance system to further automate their rota management.

The final word

Dr Chris Jones, Co-Founder and Managing Director of IQUS said, “We are very pleased to see RotaMaster working well in new healthcare settings.  It well established as the software of choice for many in the urgent healthcare environment and we are delighted to be able to work with quality providers such as Greenbrook to develop its strengths for other areas of healthcare for workforce management.”

The final word goes to Dan Annetts, Co-Founder and Director of Greenbrook Healthcare who said, “Using RotaMaster has revolutionised how we are able to manage rotas at Greenbrook Healthcare – improving many aspects, from timely and accurate communication with our teams, to managing our financial information and payment processes.”