Groundbreaking service chooses RotaMaster

It’s January.

It’s cold, wet, and windy and all kinds of germs are on the hunt.

You’ve been over doing it at the gym, you’ve run yourself down and wound up as one of the troops in the influenza zombie army.

You have two options. Martyrdom; work is busy and you can continue and hope to recover naturally, OR you can book an appointment with your local GP. The likelihood of your work schedule and your GP’s availability marrying up are somewhat slim. Taking time out isn’t an option, so …you battle on.

Soon, the residents of Manchester won’t be needing to decide between their health and their work responsibilities. If you’re anything like us at Rotamaster and like to keep up with healthcare news, you’re more than likely to have read about the Manchester Primary Care Partnership. They are forming an alliance of the three major GP federations in Manchester; Primary Care Manchester Ltd Northern Health GPPO Ltd and SMGPF Ltd covering central, north and south Manchester.

As a team they plan to offer a seven day GP appointment service. The combined federation will now be the largest in the UK, covering over 600’000 patients. To put that into numbers, that is 10x the maximum audience that would fit into Manchester City Stadium. Quite impressive, and quite the task!

All those patients, and all those extra shifts will take some extreme organising. We are very excited about the project here, as Rotamaster have been selected to deploy our rostering software to help manage the staffing of this new working schedule. It is a large project, combining staff from 91 GP practices to provide services across 15 hubs, but we are sure our product will be able to make managing the rotas seamless and stress free.

This is a pioneering project, and there are plans in place to offer 7 day services throughout the rest of the country. We are soon to be launching the Rotamaster 6.0, and we know our products can save your organisation both time and money. We’re looking forward to being able to assist other organisations as they make the transition to the seven day service over the next five years.

If you need any assistance with your rostering, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or 01924 252 360.