Improving efficiency and team happiness at Homewell Practice

4 doctors and nurses sat at a table reviewing work on a laptop

Homewell Practice are a Havant-based GP practice. Their aims are to prevent ill health, improve the wellbeing of patients, work with local commissioning groups and other integrated health teams to provide services that improve local health outcomes and reduce admissions to secondary care.


The challenge

Historically, rota management at Homewell Practice was cumbersome. They were finding it difficult to keep track of teams, annual leave and clashes due to the manual nature of their processes, which often meant that mistakes were occurring. 

As well as this, the team at Homewell were using physical records for all their staff information which they wanted to digitise in a secure and practical way.
They were looking for a solution that was easy to use, timesaving and gave them visibility and ownership of their workforce as a whole.


The solution

RotaMaster worked closely with Homewell to introduce new ways of working into the organisation and bring their information and processes to one central location.

With tailored set up from our team, they initially began using RotaMaster to store basic personnel information and digitise their rotas, before bringing more and more processes into the platform.

Alisha, the Resources Manager at Homewell Practice said “With Rotamaster we are able to collate all the information we need to support the smooth running and management of our teams in one single place.

We’ve been able to collate our HR records, annual leave, sickness as well as the rotas themselves into RotaMaster.”


The benefits

Homewell have seen several benefits since using RotaMaster and working with our team:

-    Ways of working improved
-    Time spent on rotas cut in half!
-    Better communication across teams
-    Payroll accuracy increased
-    Advanced reporting
-    Happier teams

“Our teams are happier as they have more visibility of the operation further in advance. They love being able to see when everyone is off so they can book their leave without clashes and rejections too!”

The time taken for Homewell to produce rotas has been halved and they’re also receiving less complaints about rotas since using the system. This has given the leadership team great confidence and as a whole, they feel a lot less stressed about managing leave and absences amongst their workforce.


Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customer’s success and work closely with teams to ensure they’re getting the most out of the system – no matter how complex the organisation.

“The support and implementation team were fantastic and managed a large amount of the set-up work for us, and the ongoing support and self-help guides have left us feeling supported.

We are still finding new features to take advantage of, and the team are very open to suggestions and expanding their roadmap which is reassuring in a fast-paced business like ours where needs change so often.”

If you are a healthcare provider struggling with any of the issues mentioned in this post, feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.