Nouvita Healthcare – From cumbersome manual rotas to a streamlined, all-encompassing HR system

We have been working with Nouvita now for around 3 years. We wanted to share their story, as it’s a great example of what a positive impact our systems can have on a business in helping them on the path to greater success.

Nouvita’s predicament

In 2016, when Nouvita first approached us, they had in place a cumbersome system of manual rota production, which was not only time-consuming but also lead to difficulties in getting the right skills mix at each location. Staff lateness was becoming an increasing problem and although they did have biometric clock in/clock out machines, these weren’t linked to anything that gave them a real-time view of their services and did not automatically link to payroll. Processing payroll was also therefore painstaking, involving manual entry and calculations. Nouvita wanted to be 100% confident that they were paying staff correctly based on what they had worked.

They began looking for a system to resolve these problems and help them streamline their processes, which was particularly crucial given that the company and workforce were growing.

The solution

The RotaMaster team has worked very closely with the managers in finance, payroll, and HR at Nouvita to provide bespoke solutions suited to their needs.

  • The Attendance + module was introduced first which shows up lateness and ‘no shows’ and ensures the problem can be dealt with and payroll amended accordingly.


  • Bespoke reports were then created to help the finance team in providing a seamless and accurate payroll.


  • The module is also used to keep track of absences and leave allowing them to get rid of their paper-based systems.

The benefits

The benefits of using the system are plentiful.

  • Time-saving as there is much less manual intervention
  • Greater accuracy – no more missed shifts off the payroll
  • Fewer payroll queries from the staff
  • Bespoke reports to give real-time updates on attendance and lateness
  • And perhaps most importantly the staff are happier!

Trudi, the rota administrator says “I have a crystal clear overview of everything that is going on. Being able to keep track of absences and leave is a huge time saver. Everything is clear and all in one place – keeping track of these accurately is vital.”

Improving HR processes

Following a successful period of embedding the system at Nouvita, they decided to explore the wider HR functionality to improve general filing and automation of certain HR processes.

The People + module fits their needs really well, given that the company had grown its number of sites and the HR team is based at head office. Its main advantage is taking away the risk of duplicate and incomplete or out of date records.

It also allows the team to better manage the training requirements, disciplinary and grievance procedures and appraisals.

Ruth Mabika, Chief of Staff says ‘with People+, both HR and service managers can have access to the same contemporaneous records which supports us in meeting requirements from our regulators, and managing our CQC inspections better. Furthermore, the inbuilt compliance monitoring will remove our reliance on spreadsheets and will simplify reporting to senior management.’

We couldn’t be more delighted with the improvements the staff at Nouvita have seen in running their business. We will continue to work with them providing them with any further tools they need to effectively manage their staff.

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Nouvita Healthcare has been providing high-quality care for adults with a range of mental health, learning disabilities and challenging behaviours for over 30 years. They have over 500 staff members working across 7 care homes and hospitals, each of which specialises in different aspects of mental health. Their services include a hospital, elderly nursing care and residential care for those with learning disabilities and residential care for people with alcohol and substance misuse problems.