RotaMaster is the Software of Choice for Ireland Out-of Hours Services

RotaMaster is the software of choice for a number of Ireland-based services, the majority of which provide an out-of-hours service.

In October the RotaMaster sales team will be on the road in Ireland meeting both new and existing customers and would be delighted to showcase how our software can provide a flexible and fair solution for any other GPs and healthcare services.  For a number of years, RotaMaster has been utilised by a multitude of customers in Ireland.  Services such as NorthDoc, NeDoc and CareDoc use the software to manage and schedule their rotas for the additional hours with ease.  The flexibility of the software helps them manage the areas they cover, fill gaps in rotas and offers a fair spread of shifts between GPs willing to work with them.

Working Smarter

For many organisations, the management of rotas is a cumbersome process.

Technology has long been used as a way to tackle issues related to productivity but some offices are still using outdated systems that drain their time.  With more services offering out-of-hours services and a mounting workload, it is never been more important to make processes more streamlined and effective.  Across Ireland, GP and out-of-hours services are using RotaMaster to do more in less time.  This frees up staff to do what they do best rather than be preoccupied with time-consuming tasks.

Benefits for GP Services

RotaMaster has extensively worked with GP services for nearly 20 years.  We have witnessed the Primary Care services evolve, and it’s going to continue to change as the years go on.  Our system has been developed with these complex requirements in mind and so that it accommodates the needs of the marketplace.

Urgent out-of-hours medical services, such as ShannonDoc, are already benefiting from using RotaMaster to manage their rotas and staffing shifts.  For example, they are able to populate rotas with staff they already know will work certain shifts.  Any gaps in the rota can be easily communicated to staff to book them into.

National Cancer Screening Services use RotaMaster to roster staff mobile hubs across Ireland.  A major benefit of using the software is that staff can be rostered to areas nearer to where they live.

The software also allows you to post rates of pay for out-of-hours shifts to make it more appealing for the doctor to take a shift.

Meet the Team

Our team is hitting the road in October and is looking forward to meeting existing and new customers.  If you are looking to increase productivity or shift towards a more reliable and flexible system, then our team is on hand to show you how RotaMaster can be used to streamline processes.  We are happy to provide a no-obligation demonstration that is specially tailored so that you can see exactly how the product will work for you.

To find out how RotaMaster can help your organisation or if you would like to arrange a meeting email or call 01924 252360.