Six Ways to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

The daily grind can get in the way of finding that elusive work-life balance. Juggling your career, family commitments and personal life can leave you feeling like you are spinning more plates than ever before and you just hope that none of them come crashing to the ground.

UK has a reputation for a poor work-life balance. Britons spend around 42 hours a week at work, more than anyone else in Europe, according to a study by Eurostat. There are also concerns that all the extra hours may be in vain, as British workers are less efficient and profitable than employees in other major economies.

Today’s culture may expect us to be switched on at all times, but a better work-life balance benefits the whole workforce. They feel more in control, are often less stressed and it can increase productivity.

Here are six ways to achieve a better work-life balance for you and your workforce.


Creating a better work-life balance often starts with communication. Talk to your colleagues and make them aware when you aren’t available at certain times of the day.

If they know you aren’t able to take calls at the evenings or weekends, or that you will be switching off your phone while on holiday, they will think twice about disturbing you during these times unless it is an emergency.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology can be used in a way to manage the workforce’s time better.

Whether embracing flexible working or creating a fairer rostering of your shift patterns, our rota management software can be a useful tool to ensure that work doesn’t take over staff’s time. Monitor staff attendance to highlight who has been working overtime or whether all holiday time has been allocated.

Keep in Touch with Your Wellbeing

To your colleagues and your employer – you are coping just fine. Your employer may be just as busy which is why it is so important to let them know when you need help due to feeling exhausted, under stress or unable to complete a task.

Learn How to Unplug

It’s hard to escape the office when you are always attached to your phone or tablet. You may take a quick look at your emails while watching TV, answer your phone during a family dinner or sort out a work problem while on holiday.

Allowing your mind and body to recharge for a week or two while on holiday has both physical and mental benefits. By simply stepping away from your device or switching it off completely, you gain a clearer and fresher mind to tackle tomorrow’s problems.

Lead by Example

Respect your employers and employees work schedules and availability. We all go at a different pace in line with responsibilities and timetables. If you get an email at 11pm, don’t feel obliged to reply straight away if this isn’t your usual pattern of work.

Pace Yourself

There are times when you need to go at life at full speed but it is also important to know when to slow down. Self-awareness is vital throughout your career so you can learn how to have a long, healthy and happy career.

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