Tech Transformation and Cloud within Healthcare

The healthcare industry is finally catching up with the rest of the world in terms of technology.

Healthcare has always been notoriously difficult to transform due to the large number of legacy systems they use and the fact they work with highly sensitive data.

The industry cannot stand still when it comes to embracing tech and within the last 5 years, there has been a huge focus on digitalised services.

In recent years, the healthcare industry has faced enormous pressure when it comes to managing both financial and staffing resources.  With purse strings tightening and a growing demand for services, many organisations are embracing cloud technology as a way of becoming more cost and time efficient.

Centralised Systems

The issues surrounding escalating costs and budgeting has always been a hot topic in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare bodies considered a centralised system to be cost heavy an inefficient due to the requirements to have hardware on site.  It produced bandwidth issues causing latency and security issues across internal networks.

RotaMaster was originally sold as an on-premise solution, we have also moved with the times.

Cloud technology helps organisations drop the overhead costs of storing hardware and replace it with a system that is highly efficient.

We have found a huge increase in speed, less downtime for upgrades, quicker resolution time for issues as we have direct access to the databases, instant changes and a better quality of service to our customers overall. This in turns allows them to feed the resource back into their organisation.

Staff and Patient Data

Cloud has the ability to revolutionise healthcare data, hence the move we are currently seeing within this sector.

Whether it be patient or staff data, it is imperative it is stored appropriately and fully protected.

If servers are not updated regularly and properly protected, we end up with issues like the Wannacry ransomware attack.

Dan Taylor, a director of security at NHS Digital argued that worse may be possible and that stepped up defences and preparation is crucial.  This alone should provide enough motivation for organisations to focus on a more digitised system.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

A key benefit of a cloud system is the flexibility and the scalability it offers.  As service needs change and evolve over time, the cloud can scale up or down as needed.

Organisations see data in real-time and give remote access so that staff members aren’t restricted to the office to make rota requests or changes.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration and a unified approach are vital in the healthcare industry, which makes Cloud technology an important part of operations.

If you manage a number of teams across multiple sites, keeping track of all data involved is a logistical nightmare.

Multiple documents cause confusion with precious time being lost in the fallout.  The Cloud provides remote access, allowing team members to view data in real-time and share changes without delay.

RotaMaster has been a cloud-based product for 6 years and we can confidently say for us, and our customers that onwards and upwards is definitely the way of the future.

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