Technology – does it save time or drain productivity?

According to a recent study, many workers now feel they are spending longer at work than ever before. But it was also found that only 10% of those people thought that they are now more productive.

Studies show the average office-based employee wastes 11.4 hours per week, costing their employer an average of £11,225 per year. This waste is said to be split between four different productivity killers, which are:

  • Poor IT systems and processes
  • Email
  • Meetings
  • Distractions and interruptions

Whilst email, meetings and distractions are all productivity killers, technology is mentioned 3 out of 4 times when discussing time wasting.

So how do we make sure technology is helping us?

The success of technology comes down to a number of things including:

  • The users
  • The System
  • Support
  • Processes

It is essential for a new system to be rigorously tested, robust and user friendly. In order to help increase productivity users must be well trained and the processes around the system need to be well thought out. It is also important to have a good support foundation in place to ensure the system continues to help users be more productive.

How we can help

At RotaMaster we understand that technology can be a hindrance if it is not implemented effectively.  So over the years we have created our own processes to ensure you get the most out of our system and that your rota team is using the software to its full potential.

From your initial enquiry, our knowledgeable account managers are available to answer any questions you might have. We can provide you and your organisation with no obligation online and face-to-face demonstrations that are tailored to your own ways of working, so you know exactly what the system can do and how it will work for you.

Once you have signed up for RotaMaster there are two milestones we meet before you go live. First of all our Systems Analysts will arrange a day of consultation with you. This will involve a discussions about your current processes and how the system can work for you. We help to configure the system with you, to ensure you will achieve the maximum benefits.

After this is completed our RotaMaster Trainer will conduct a two day hands on training course tailored to suit your organisation and processes. During this process you will have a dedicated project manager who will guide you through setting up the system and rolling out your first rotas.

Once you are live and happy on the system you will be assigned an account manager. They will be available for regular calls, emails and account manager meetings. It is their job to make sure the system is working as well as it can for you. You will also have the backing of our in-house support team who are available 24/7 for critical issues.

On top of all of this we also offer the following:

  • Free regular updates designed around customer demands
  • Additional bespoke training when needed
  • Regular new functionality
  • Annual User Groups that cover best practice and development ideas
  • Additional modules to create a centralised HR system
  • Online portal accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

To find out more or to book a demonstration call one of our team on 01924 252360. Or just drop us an email if you’d like some more details: