The Benefits of a Centralised Solution

Many organisations keep their electronic and paper files in different locations.  For GP Federations managing staff that are working across a number of locations, this way of working is time-consuming.

Using a centralised system means that all information is stored in one place.  This improves the flow of data and helps communication and cross-referencing between each department.

Many of our customers- including GP Federations and Care Home Groups, pool staff across multiple sites. We take a look at how a centralised system benefits them and how it can be good for your organisation.

A More Efficient Way of Working

File retrieval across different folders, systems or locations can make a simple task a complicated one.

Colleagues spend time rummaging through files or getting their heads around an unfamiliar system.  Valuable time is spent calling staff across sites to verify information or check the location of the files.

With RotaMaster’s solution, multiple administrators can log on to the system from different points at one time.  All data is stored in one place and staff members working off-site are able to access information and see any changes in real time.

Whether it’s checking who is working a shift or approving holiday leave, this can be achieved by logging into one system rather than searching through multiple folders.

Reduced Need for Additional Expenditure

Organisations using a decentralised system are likely to have servers across each site.  The cost soon adds up with additional IT support required to ensure the system runs smoothly.

RotaMaster is a cloud-hosted product which means that there is no need for a server on each site, lessening the need to fork out for more IT support.

Better Security

Servers and software that aren’t regularly updated make it easier for hackers to get into your system.

Security breaches are a serious concern for any organisation, the effect of which could be devastating so it’s not to be taken lightly.

A centralised system stops the multiplication of files around the office.  There is one point of access which can be monitored and restricted.

With RotaMaster’s cloud hosting, systems are updated automatically and any big fixes and maintenance issues are dealt with remotely.

Reducing Duplication

Working via a decentralised system Information may not be up to date or multiple versions of the same file are saved as different administrators work on it.

RotaMaster’s solution allows multiple administrators logging into the system from different points all at one time.  All content is updated in real time so anyone accessing the system can see the same information.

Running Reports

Report running is a lot smoother as there is no duplication or errors if you put the right information into the system first time.

Our GP customers enjoy the fact they can pull a report for the CQC on all Doctors across their organisation and show their GMC compliance with a click of a button.

The centralisation of an organisation’s system means they enjoy a more streamlined internal process.  By decreasing or eliminating the duplication of efforts and costs on an organisation-wide basis saves time, resource and money.

It makes your processes more scalable and adaptable to change in the future, reducing the administrative headache for your organisation.

To find out how a centralised system can benefit your organisation, call 01924 252360 or email