The best things in life don't always come with a free trial...

Free trial or no free trial?

In the world of IT software it seems to have become the norm to offer potential customers a free trial. But, dare I say it, we don’t do this at RotaMaster and nor do we plan to.

“WHAT?” I hear you gasp. It does often spark questions and confusion as to why.

The reasons why are quite simple really and are based around what we believe to be in the best interest of our customers. Rostering for healthcare is not straightforward and therefore we do not offer a ‘one fits all’ system.

You see we know that one organisation’s needs are not the same as everyone else’s. Whether it is a GP practice, a hospice or a care home, there will be different roles, different skills, different shift patterns, different locations, all creating a unique degree of complexity. Furthermore, every organisation has different business goals and priorities. Whilst some have a need to resolve issues around proof of presence, some may have a need to resolve their leave request system.

It is these business goals and priorities that drive our commitment to deliver a system that meets your needs – in other words a fully bespoke system, configured just for you and fully supported by us. A generic version of it, if not populated with your own data, just wouldn’t show the true potential of what it can do, and a free trial would simply not work.

If no free trial, then what? How will I know if it’s right for our business?

We realise that some people want to try before they buy and it is important you take care when investing in software that could revolutionise your way of working.

We want you to see the product, which will be the best fit for your needs, so we will start with a discussion around your basic requirements (no strings attached!). We can then start to build a picture of the most appropriate modules from our range and our super friendly team (no jargon allowed) will give you a guided demo in the comfort of your own premises.

The demo will be tailored to you and we will ensure everyone in your organisation who needs to see it, sees it. We will be guided by you and will invest the time to show you as much or as little as it takes.

‘In the know’

Once you’ve had enough of chatting to the RotaMaster team, we can happily share with you some of our existing customer case studies and testimonials, and they will tell you all about the fantastic benefits we have brought to their business. Saving our customers time and money is at the heart of what we do, as is building strong relationships, hence why we believe working together is the best way to help you transform your workforce management.