The Cost Of A Bad Rota In The UK Healthcare Sector

Uncontrolled Costs and inefficiencies


Without a robust process for identifying and quickly filling empty shifts with properly qualified staff, you may be left at the mercy of agencies and locums who will charge a premium. Alternatively, you might be running at a loss due to over-staffed shifts which see team members standing idle.


Poor skill mixes


A good rota system will match properly qualified staff to the most appropriate shifts, to ensure that you maintain the best possible service levels. Further data crunching using good rota software can consider an even more granular array of factors such as individual employee preferences and reliability, recent shifts worked, which teams they are best suited to - and more.


Jeopardised NHS contracts


If you are paid by the NHS based on appointments delivered, then you will be reliant on a good rota system to ensure that you always have the right staff in the right places. Empty shifts are likely to result in fewer appointments which might mean, at worst, the loss of a contract or, at best, lower income.


Administrative headaches


Without the right tools at your disposal, filling a last-minute shift might be a lengthy, stressful and inefficient process that relies upon the knowledge and experience of a small team - maybe even just one person. On top of this, clerical errors are more likely to happen, and will cause major delays and hassle for both your administrative team, employees on the ground and the patients in their care. Reliance on a paper rota system will also make you less inclined or able to be flexible in response to staff requests for changes.


An Unhappy workforce and low morale


Constant firefighting in your rota system will have one sure-fire outcome and that will be an unhappy workforce. You will be receiving a diverse range of complaints, from those who are fed-up of repeatedly receiving shifts during unsociable hours or public holidays, those who complain that they don’t receive enough notice of their shifts and can’t easily request changes, over-worked staff who are regularly placed into under-staffed shifts and those feeling that they simply don’t get enough work in the first place. In fact, when we look at the list of common staff complaints about bad rotas, the list just goes on and on.


What’s the answer?


RotaMaster addresses all of these issues and more. If you’d like to discuss how RotaMaster can support efficient and cost-effective workforce scheduling, please call 01924 252360 or email