The RotaMaster SMS Service

One of the many fantastic features of RotaMaster is our in-built SMS service. When considering the functionality on offer, the ease of use and the time saved, it’s no great surprise that the vast majority of our customers use our SMS service daily.

The SMS service within RotaMaster utilises your rotas and allows you to set up a schedule to send out text messages automatically to remind employees about their upcoming shifts. If you want to send out a bulk message to fill a last minute gap, you can do this within seconds!

RotaMaster already knows which staff members work a particular type of shift and can tailor the SMS recipients accordingly, excluding less appropriate staff. For example, if you are looking to fill a night shift, you are able to exclude all staff who work days only.

Your employee contact details are already held in RotaMaster so there’s no messing around trying to find someone’s mobile number or typing it in. This saves a huge amount of time and stress, knowing that you are able to contact all your staff within a couple of clicks! It also removes the need for a third party system, which would be unsupported by RotaMaster.

As you are probably aware, the free NHS SMS service is drawing to a close. With this in mind we believe that those customers who don’t currently use our SMS service may be looking for a solution. We are very confident that RotaMaster can fulfil this requirement effectively.

For more details on the functionality, please see below:

RotaMaster SMS Service Features

  • Send messages to specific Rota Groups and Teams
  • Automated SMS messages for shift reminders for a specified number of hours before a shift occurs
  • New Rota Published – send a message to all personnel within a Rota Group and Team when a new rota is available for booking
  • Broadcast messages – send a text message to all personnel with a Rota Group and Team
  • Confirmed shift reminders – send messages to personnel reminding them of their next shift
  • Registrar shift reminders – send a message to registrars reminding them of their next shift with a trainer
  • Volunteer Request – send a request to all personnel within a Rota Group and Team requesting a volunteer for an unallocated shift.
  • Unconfirmed shift warning – send reminder to personnel who are provisionally booked into shifts which they have not yet confirmed they are working.

If this is of interest to you or you have any questions, we’d love to have a further discussion with you! Please call your account manager on 01924 252360.