Time and Attendance – Time is money!

When employee lateness is not monitored and managed, it can cost an organisation thousands of pounds per year in lost productivity.

“Sorry I’m late the traffic was a nightmare.” We’ve all heard the excuse and with 590,000 employees being late every year, more and more organisations are looking to better manage their attendance monitoring procedures. In a recent study it was found that being late to work costs the economy £9 billion per year.

As the popular saying goes, time is money. So why are we giving it away?

With numerous staff on shift, multiple tasks to do, meetings to attend and services to run every single day, keeping track of staff attendance may be at the bottom of the never-ending to do list.  But with RotaMaster’s time and attendance module your employee’s can clock in and out of their shifts with ease, and best of all with no intervention from you. Not only will a time and attendance device mean you will no longer need to pay for hours not worked, but it will also help to promote an on-time culture in your organisation.

There are many reasons to use a time and attendance system, but here are a few that might convince you it’s time to make some changes:

  • Saves you time – studies have shown that it takes a supervisor between 1 and 7 minutes to check every member of staff’s timesheet. With 100 members of staff all filling in one timesheet a month, that totals 100-700 minutes (1.6 to 11.6 hours) every month, or 1200 to 8400 minutes (20 to 140 hours) every year! That’s days of time you are getting back to complete other more important tasks.
  • Abuse Proof – We’ve all heard the tales of staff backing each other up and signing each other in and out to avoid the consequences of poor attendance. With our attendance+ module this is a thing of the past, staff use their fingerprints to clock in and out for shifts which ensures accuracy.
  • Clear Reporting – Our attendance+ module means that you have easy access to many different reports on staff attendance at the click of a button. These can be filtered to look at individual services, teams or staff members meaning you can easily track attendance and lateness as a whole, against other areas of the business or for individual appraisals.

For example if a Company has 150 employees and 10% of their workforce (15 employees) is regularly late to work by 5 minutes every day. With an average hourly rate at £15 per hour and based on 232 working days per year, the company could be losing £4,350 per year! Alternatively, if 10 minutes are ‘lost’ each day it adds up to around 2,330 minutes or 39 hours per employee a year – that’s nearly 5 lost working days!

So how does this impact on staff morale? Will your staff think you don’t trust them?  The simple answer is no; the vast majority of staff feel annoyed by a colleague consistently arriving late and feel they perform poorly and impact negatively on those around them.  Asking staff to be accountable for their movements is a reasonable productivity tool, and simply a more high tech version of the traditional card based clocking in and out system which has been in place for the manufacturing industry for decades.

Applying rules consistently across the workforce improves productivity and morale, those who attend on time expect everyone else to and can feel disgruntled if this is not appropriately monitored.  RotaMaster’s time and attendance module removes the need for management to personally be ‘Big Brother’, the system takes over and identifies where intervention is required.

But what about security?  Isn’t storing fingerprints a data risk?  No, our BioPrint Fingerprint Devices use state of the art technology to convert your fingerprint to code, this can’t be reassembled so in the very unlikely instance where there was a data breach of your systems, the information would be completely useless.

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