Why Staff Buy-In is Vital for a New Software Rollout...

Whenever we’re exhibiting at healthcare events, we always hear the same thing.

‘Oh we had a system for that – it didn’t work’. Nurses, administrators, doctors, midwives – there’s one common thread. They wanted their lives to be made easier by technology – but somehow their organisations missed the mark. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience; but have you ever asked why?

Technology is built to boost productivity, but sometimes it does the opposite and causes disengagement at the same time.  

If staff don’t get on board with a new system, or are poorly trained in how to use it from the start, then the software becomes redundant and any potential benefits go out the window.

Fear not – here are our four tips for successfully implementing new systems…


Staff are more likely to champion a decision if they played a part in making it. Consult your staff on the proposed change and help them see the benefits to them. Can they stop using that spreadsheet? Will it reduce the number of difficult conversations that they have to have? Will they finally get their lunch break back?

A Poor Workman Blames His…

Staff involvement does not – and cannot – stop at the decision making stage. For some companies, training tends to be an after-thought and that naivety often leads to failed implementation of new systems.

You may well have spent months piecing together the perfect package, making sure that you’ve found a solution for every problem – but that’s only the first part. Training is knowledge is power.

At RotaMaster, our customers will tell you that we insist on hands on, end to end system training with users. We spend plenty of time on site with them, call them every week throughout implementation and go over any – and we mean any – questions that they’ve found that week. Users have access to our comprehensive online self-help tools for those ongoing queries – or they can call our support team any time for a bit of expert advice.  

Monitor Success

Identify. Resolve. Repeat.

What problems are you trying to solve and – over time – are you solving them?

Go through every aspect of your organisation and look at day-to-day operations, any pitfalls in current processes and think about what needs simplifying. 

At RotaMaster, we play a part in this too. We’ve implemented the system into over 100 organisations and we recognise the key benefits that the system can bring and help our customers realise those as soon as possible.

Of course, there are always some teething issues as everyone adjusts to a new way of working. Staff resistance, IT problems, difficulty in understanding a new system. Make sure that every stakeholder has a named contact – or at least a named team – at the system supplier so that any issues can be nipped in the bud immediately.

We are the Champions...

Have a go-to person in each department who can answer questions or concerns. It will empower those individuals, but also help other staff who might not be as comfortable speaking to external support teams and would prefer to ask their immediate colleagues for help.

That said, RotaMaster is always on hand 24/7 to offer support and help with any queries you may have.

If you would like to discuss how we can help then call us on 01924 252360 or email