Why staff training is important and how software can help

At heart of every healthcare provider is a HR team whose job involves keeping on top of the huge array of different training required by staff. Finding time to organise training for employees, whilst continuing to deliver patient services seems impossible. This is where HR and rota management software can help!

Benefits of employee training

A well trained employee that is supported and valued will always be more productive than an employee who feels that they are under appreciated. Effective training promotes employee satisfaction, which can have a direct effect on job performance and therefore help improve patient care.

Keeping up to date training records help keep your employees safe at work. All workers are entitled to work in environments where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. This may involve training first aiders, training staff on how to prevent the spread of germs, and training nominated fire marshals. Under health and safety law, the responsibility for this is down to employers, so this training must be addressed so that your organisation is compliant.

So how can we make life easier, make jobs more fulfilling, and still increase productivity? RotaMaster could be the answer and here’s why:

With the vast array of different training that employees can now attend it can be difficult to know where or how to start. Do you print out the badly formatted 20 page spreadsheet and spend hours trying to piece it together? Who keeps a track of what is due? Have staff completed training and not told you? Do all these staff still work here?

With RotaMaster you can keep track of all training that has been completed and the system will alert you when these are due to expire. When tracking new starter training, mandatory training or refresher training, it is possible to record this with an expiry date and the system will not allow you to book the member of staff into a shift until the necessary training has been completed. Using the rota views, you can highlight staff on training courses, making it easy to view who is and isn’t available in the roster and ensuring you have enough cover for your services.

Central System

With one central system to keep a record of all the training that has been completed by employees, the ownership can be given to line managers who can be given tailored access to the RotaMaster system enabling them to view the training that has been completed, or needs to be arranged within their team.

Has every member of staff had a full induction? Do all staff have up to date fire alarm and health and safety training? An employee has applied for an internal promotion – have they got the relevant qualifications/training for the job? All these questions and more can be answered quickly and easily with the at-a-glance view and many reports that the RotaMaster system can create. In turn this improves your HR team’s efficiency, saving you previously wasted time.

Whether the information is needed for an individual member of staff, a team or staff as a whole, RotaMaster can help you produce this information in a timely manner. Our soon-to-be-launched reporting creation tool that means you can create reports with any data you may need from the information saved on RotaMaster.


To find out how RotaMaster’s People+ module can help you manage employee training, you can read more here: To contact the team, please email or call 01924 252 360.