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The Core Module

Market leading e-Rota creation & management software

RotaMaster is a comprehensive and scaleable rostering system designed specifically for health and care organisations. It enables organisations to manage their shifts with complete accuracy, delivering the right person, with the right skill mix every time. RotaMaster can automate rota production, preventing duplication of effort, and provides a holistic organisation-wide view of rotas, leave/sickness and staff costings, whilst allowing each service/department to be managed separately.

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The Powerful Value-Add Modules

The HR Module

A feature-rich repository for holding all your essential HR data, fully integrated with RotaMaster.

People+ gives health and care organisations the opportunity to record and manage all their important personnel information in one central system.

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The time & attendance module

Time and attendance monitoring technology for RotaMaster users.

Our biometric devices allow you to track when your staff start and end their shifts. We've learned that organisations that were previously losing 3 minutes per shift on 200 shifts per week can save £30,000 in one year. Your rules define what 'late' means, and you can have as much - or as little - manual intervention as you like in handling attendance issues.

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The finance module

Runs pay calculations for your payroll and finance systems.

Track all staff pay, without the need for any manual calculations. Monitor your staff spend against pre-set budgets and export to Sage, IRIS, Xero or Quickbooks with ease.

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The Leave Planning Module

Holidays should be fun - even when managing them...

Enable your staff to submit and track their leave requests from our handy web portal, with managers approving/declining requests in line with your internal leave rules. 

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The Integrations Module

Why have multiple systems that can't talk to each other? 

We understand that it takes a whole host of systems to run an organisation. That's why we'll integrate with any existing solutions - be it HR, finance, attendance or patient/customer booking software.

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The Staff Bank Module

An end to the phone calls, emails and scrambling round for availability!

Creates a link between local sites and services and your bank of staff. You can share your pool of resource easily, with no administrative overheads, and no need to play the desperate recruitment consultant when a gap crops up.

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