For a Staff Bank that's easy to Access 

Do you work with nearby sites and services - perhaps GP practices in your network or federation, or clients that work with you as an agency? Bank , RotaMaster's Staff Sharing module, allows you to share your existing pool of staff with other services easily, quickly and in a fully auditable way. How does it work?

  • You build up your staff pool on RotaMaster and mark staff as available in your 'bank'. 
  • You provide nearby sites/services with a login to the RotaMaster Web Portal, where they can post shift gaps/vacancies that they might have.
  • Your staff bank receive a notification and can book the shifts directly, with you as the main organisation tracking any vacant shifts, bookings, timesheets and payments.
  • Bank helps transform the way you share low-cost resource over a wide area as a GP Federation, Alliance, PCN, agency or any other kind of service.
What Our Customers Say

We knew RotaMaster was a market leader for rota management software and that it had a good reputation in the healthcare space because we had made a few calls and received lots of recommendations.  Also, some of our doctors work for other healthcare providers as well as us, and the message from them was loud and clear – you need RotaMaster!”

Rishi Patel - Head of Operations & Business Development, Greenbrook Healthcare

RotaMaster has totally transformed the way we manage our workforce and their shifts.  It has allowed us to eliminate the cumbersome manual processes we had in place previously saving the organisation significant amounts of time and money.

David Phillips - Divisional Lead

Using RotaMaster has revolutionised how we are able to manage rotas at Greenbrook Healthcare – improving many aspects, from timely and accurate communication with our teams, to managing our financial information and payment processes.

Dan Annetts - Co-Founder and Director, Greenbrook Healthcare

Delivers 100% payroll accuracy and an annual wage bill saving of £17,000.

Alan Levett - Finance Director, Barndoc Healthcare Limited