In modern day working, data is king. 

It’s not just about the ongoing operation but being able to observe and learn as you go. The ability to report on your sites and services is imperative to their success. Our core product contains over 250 reports which work really well for our customers.

However, some of our customers want a little more. If like them, you’re wanting all your data in one place and to reduce manual reporting, Data will allow you to pull information from us directly into your data warehouse. With Data , we’ll open up a data port giving you the key to all of your information to pull from. You can compare data from RotaMaster with other software and systems you’re using.

  • Complete access to all of your data. 
  • Reduce manual reporting from your teams.
  • No set reports or templates, pull and play with the data how you like.
  • Gain that holistic overview of your organisation you need.
What Our Customers Say

RotaMaster saves us a several hours per day compared to manual rotas…I would absolutely recommend RotaMaster to other services.

Alison Marsden - Operations Team, East Lancashire Medical Services

We have been Rota Master users since 2007 and we have recently worked closely with RotaMaster to shape the development of its new time and attendance module. We can now accurately record and monitor staff attendance data entirely automatically through Rota Master, increasing control and reducing the costs associated with unauthorised absence & lateness.

Alan Levett - Finance Director, Barndoc Healthcare Limited

RotaMaster has totally transformed the way we manage our workforce and their shifts.  It has allowed us to eliminate the cumbersome manual processes we had in place previously saving the organisation significant amounts of time and money.

David Phillips - Divisional Lead

Extended information storage, powerful reporting and many time-saving features.

Managing Director - Mastercall