Organisations of all sizes benefit from RotaMaster, including the likes of Care UK, IC24 and LCW Urgent Care Centre.

RotaMaster's scaleable nature means that small, localised services with less than 50 staff, right up to large, national providers with as many as 4,500 staff can all benefit from the system's ability to;

- Gather staff availability and automate rota production, replacing cumbersome manual systems.

- Save significant time and cost by allowing GPs to self-invoice on the RotaMaster web portal - keeping  all communication in the one system - before exporting approved invoices directly into payment systems .

- Keep staff in the loop with SMS/e-mail notifications, along side News/Announcements and Information/Downloads pages on the RotaMaster Web Portal - accessible for all staff. 

- Track Professional Registration, DBS and Indemnity details for all staff. Our GMC integration even removes the need to check GP's GMC details manually - and will alert when expiry is approaching for each GP.

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Unscheduled/Urgent Care

RotaMaster enables Unscheduled and Urgent Care providers to make the best use of their core workforce - whilst allowing for efficient, trackable use of agency, locum and bank staff. Tracking leave, sickness, cancellations and other adjustments - including overtime, additional shift work and TOIL couldn't be easier - and it's all reportable. 

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