5 strategies for tackling any annual leave rush

Summertime is approaching and it’s likely that your HR team is anticipating a rush of annual leave requests. No good employer begrudges hard working employees a bit of time out, but what happens when half of your team suddenly want to be away at the same time? Fear not! We have proactive strategies for relieving the annual leave burden at ...

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Flexible working - is it becoming the norm?

As we wave goodbye to 2018, we’ve been exploring the biggest current trends in the rapidly evolving UK employment landscape. 1. Millennials are heavily influencing UK working practices The Millennial generation is the largest ever to enter the workforce. Currently they comprise around 35% of the UK workforce; global representation is expected ...

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Is SMS still relevant?

Whether you need to speedily secure a qualified replacement for the team member who has just called-in sick, or you want to remind your entire team about next week’s staff meeting - SMS messaging can present an ideal solution.  The average Briton receives almost 34,000 mobile phone messages and alerts annually - 427% more messages than 10 years ...

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