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Enterprise-level rostering

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for healthcare providers

"RotaMaster has totally transformed the way

we manage our workforce and their shifts.”

Divisional lead, North Wales Out of Hours service

Workforce Management Software

for Healthcare Providers

Market Leading Rota Management Software

Our rota management software RotaMaster has earned us the position of market leader for unscheduled healthcare providers, GP federations and increasingly care homes.

Powerful Workforce Management Solutions

The RotaMaster Suite is our range of powerful workforce management solutions which encompass HR, time and attendance, finance and integration value-add modules.

Enterprise-Level Rostering and Rota Management

RotaMaster and the RotaMaster Suite of modules are available as a hosted service on the RotaMaster Cloud or as a traditional on-premise installation.

What our customers say…

“RotaMaster has totally transformed the way we manage our workforce shifts. It has allowed us to eliminate the cumbersome manual processes we had in place previously saving the organisation significant amounts of time and money.”

David Phillips – Divisional Lead, North Wales Out of Hours Service


RotaMaster is a comprehensive, rota creation and management solution that helps healthcare providers manage their shifts with complete accuracy, organisation-wide, delivering the right person with the right skill mix every time.

Our software automates rota production preventing duplication of effort, saving both time and money and providing a central rota view across your organisation.

  • Automated rota generation
  • Workforce web portal
  • Fair and flexible shift allocation
  • Provides overarching rota view at all times
  • Highly tailorable
  • Unlimited rules
  • Availability management
  • Caters for complex skills mix
  • Accepts varied work patterns
  • Flexible payment matrices
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Easy access to personnel data
  • Full audit trail
  • Multiple organisation capabilities
  • Robust reporting
  • User permissions down to field level
  • Integrates with call handling, finance and payroll systems
  • Full training and 24/7 support included
  • Cloud and on-premise options


Designed to help you manage your workforce, the RotaMaster Suite is a series of modules driven from one central database.

Customer Testimonials

Finance Director

“Delivers 100% payroll accuracy and an annual wage bill saving of £17,000.”

Finance DirectorBarndoc Healthcare Limited
Managing Director

“Extended information storage, powerful reporting and many time-saving features.”

Managing DirectorMastercall
David Phillips - Divisional lead

“RotaMaster has totally transformed the way we manage our workforce and their shifts. It has allowed us to eliminate the cumbersome manual processes we had in place previously saving the organisation significant amounts of time and money.”

David Phillips - Divisional leadNorth Wales Out of Hours service
Rishi Patel

“We knew RotaMaster was a market leader for rota management software and that it had a good reputation in the healthcare space because we had made a few calls and received lots of recommendations.  Also some of our doctors also work for other healthcare providers and the message from them was loud and clear – you need RotaMaster!”

Rishi PatelHead of Operations & Business Development at Greenbrook
Alan Levett - Financial Director

“We have been Rota Master users since 2007 and we have recently worked closely with RotaMaster to shape the development of its new time and attendance module. We can now accurately record and monitor staff attendance data entirely automatically through Rota Master, increasing control and reducing the costs associated with unauthorised absence & lateness.”

Alan Levett - Financial DirectorBarndoc
Janet Dawson - HR & Training Support Officer

“Now that all our HR data is stored in one central place we no longer have to worry if the spreadsheets we are relying upon are actually the latest versions. With relevant access rights, the team is now able to share and rely upon real-time, up-to-date HR information on a daily basis. Having grown to 300+ staff, the people+ module from the RotaMaster suite was long overdue and represents a massive improvement in HR management for us.”

Janet Dawson - HR & Training Support OfficerEast Lancashire Medical Services
Y Brown - Operations Manager

“RotaMaster support are excellent, they respond very quickly and always resolve any issues that I have and are extremely helpful.”

Y Brown - Operations ManagerOut of Hours Care Provider
Dan Annetts

“Using RotaMaster has revolutionised how we are able to manage rotas at Greenbrook Healthcare – improving many aspects, from timely and accurate communication with our teams, to managing our financial information and payment processes.”

Dan AnnettsCo-Founder and Director of Greenbrook Healthcare

About Us

Yorkshire based IQUS Limited, founded by practising GP in 1999 is a well established software house providing workforce management solutions to healthcare organisations in the UK and Ireland.

Our rota management software (launched as RotaMaster in 1999) has earned us the position of market leader for unscheduled healthcare providers and GP federations.

This original rota management module has evolved to become a suite of powerful workforce management software – now known as the RotaMaster Suite offering a range of modules including People+ (for your HR), Attendance+ (for proof of presence), Finance+ (for exporting pay data) and Integration+ (for your connections).

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is simple – we want to be known by healthcare providers everywhere as the authors of the very best quality workforce management software available. We want our customers to tell others every day about the fantastic customer service they receive from RotaMaster, and we want our passion and commitment to shine through in everything we do.

  • Our Mission

    To make technology work better for healthcare by offering our customers a rare mix of expertise combining; a thorough understanding of real-world challenges facing the modern NHS, with up-to-the-minute appreciation of what emerging technologies can do to improve health and social care.

  • Our Values

    IQUS stands for:

    • Innovation – we are brave and have the confidence to explore new territory
    • Quality – we ask ourselves every day ‘how can we be better?’
    • Usability – we believe we should walk a mile in our customers’ shoes then try to run
    • Smart Solutions – we listen to customers, embrace new ideas and take action
  • Our Team

    We are entirely customer focused and technology led. The team is made up of seasoned developers as well as young blood, experienced healthcare professionals, highly-skilled project managers and customer support executives.