Time and Attendance – Time is money!

When employee lateness is not monitored and managed, it can cost an organisation thousands of pounds per year in lost productivity.

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Only pay for hours worked with Attendance+

With increasing pressure on driving cost savings in the NHS, it’s no surprise that providers want to encourage on-time culture and ensure they aren’t paying for time not worked due to staff lateness. The NHS, like any employer, has policies to ensure staff attendance and lateness is monitored and dealt with accordingly, but how this is monitored can have a big impact.

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Your biggest rota management challenges

IQUS has approximately 75% market share of the rota management software market for unscheduled care providers in the UK and Ireland. We also have a growing base of GP Federations starting to use RotaMaster.

Recently at IQUS, we decided to survey our users (Summer 2014) to uncover the real challenges our rota managers had faced on a daily basis before they implemented RotaMaster. The results are incredibly interesting and provide a useful read for any organisation considering automating their rota management.

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