Common issues when creating a Rota and how Rotamaster can save you time!

Organisations can spend hours creating excel or paper based rotas, trying to create a rota that fits in with all their staff’s different working arrangements and also gives employees a fair proportion of shifts. Just when you think you have finally completed the task, there is ALWAYS one member of staff who wants to do a last minute shift swap or book some annual leave. A manager is left with the headache of changes to the rota and numerous emails with corrections. And let’s not mention the issues when somebody rings in sick!

At RotaMaster we understand that creating your staff rota can be hugely time consuming, so we are constantly developing our system to save you time and effort.

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Getting to know you…Charlotte our Business Systems Analyst at RotaMaster

1. What is your current position and key responsibilities at RotaMaster

I am the Business Systems Analyst. As such, my key responsibilities are to liaise between the customers and the development team to make sure that our development roadmap is meeting our customers’ needs and to make sure that changes to the system are communicated clearly to customers. I have also taken responsibility for project management.

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App dubbed ‘Uber of healthcare’ to aid kidney dialysis patients

IQUS Limited are proud to be supporting the development of a mobile app dubbed the ‘Uber of healthcare’. The RotaMaster software development team has been strengthened to support ongoing development of a suite of apps and supporting software framework focused on improving the patient journey of kidney dialysis patients.

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